Munising Falls Shows Winter’s Majesty

One of my favorite waterfalls year ’round is Munising Falls, part of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which extends from Munising to Grand Marais, Michigan.  I love to visit this popular waterfall and to photograph it in winter, when its appearance changes from day to day, depending upon the snowfall and temperatures.  Even within the hushed snowy setting, I could hear water falling as it tumbled beneath the giant column of ice in early January.

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The Power of Lake Superior

Nothing demonstrates the power of Lake Superior more than the way its huge waves spray onto the shoreline, causing a thick icy coating on trees, rocks and shrubbery.  This usually happens in January, as the wind shifts the waves in and out overnight.  The buildup of ice creates a ledge; it is along this ledge that I often snowshoe to make my images, such as this one from January 22, 2015.  Further out, the lake remains open.

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